A P-trap is located under every open drain in your home, such as sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and floor drains. It is called a P-trap because it is shaped like a sideways “P”. All Phase Plumbing recently replaced an outdated bathtub drum trap in an older home with an efficient P-trap. This type of bathtub drum trap looks like a coffee can, but it clogs easily and is not very effective. These days P-traps are used instead. In both cases, water sits in the drum or the P bend, preventing sewer gases from escaping into the home. This is very important because at its worst, sewer gas can be poisonous and explosive.

The P-trap and drum trap also collect debris that has drained from the tub and prevents it from forming a clog deep within the plumbing system. When a clog occurs, it is most likely in the P-trap and can be easily removed by cleaning or replacing the P-trap. We don’t recommend using a drain opener product, as this can push the clog further down the piping system. When this happens, the plumber has no choice but to clear the drain pipe with a cable machine, which is costly. If your drains are clogged, call All Phase Plumbing so we can set it right, 206-772-6077.


Old bathtub drum trap.


New bathtub P-trap.